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Lanyard Phone Case

Practical and stylish protection

With a large range of styles and colours to choose from, our lanyard phone case is a fashionable accessory that you can adapt to your own personal style.

  • A silicone phone case with a strap made of leather or fabric
  • Choose from a variety of colours
  • Design the phone case with your favourite photo
  • Offers sturdy protection for every corner, edge and button!
US$ 43.99 *

Get started:

Product Features


  • Phone Case: Robust TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)
  • Strap: Genuine leather, or polyester with a metal clasp and leather loop

Size & Length:

  • Phone Case: Varies by model
  • Leather: 1.35 m
  • Fabric: 1.70 m

All straps are adjustable in length

Colour & Print:

  • Leather strap: Black, Brown, Taupe or Beige
  • Fabric strap: Black, Turquoise, Lilac, Grey or Red
  • Clasp: Silver or Gold
  • Printing: direct printing on the reverse side (the edge ​​remains blank)

Stylish, genuine leather straps

Discover our high-quality real leather straps in your choice of natural tones
Black Leather

The sturdy, braided leather cord looks elegant and cool at the same time in classic black, and will match any style.

Brown Leather

Do you prefer neutral, earthy tones for shoes and bags? Our brown leather strap is the ideal right phone case strap for you!

Beige Leather

This delicate, light tone turns your braided leather phone case strap into an elegant work of art.

Taupe Leather

This chic, neutral colour is a real all-rounder - perfect for everyday use.

Adjustable fabric straps

Match your phone case to your personal style with a pop of colour.
Black Fabric

Quite simply, a black fabric strap goes with any outfit. Combine it with a sporty daytime look, a business blazer or even a party dress!

Grey Fabric

A high-quality fabric strap in cool grey: This stylish shade will give your phone case necklace a sporty look.

Pink Fabric

Eye-catching pink makes for the perfect accessory colour, acting as a great accent to the rest of your style.

Green Fabric

Our woven fabric strap in turquoise green is a fresh, bright and colorful choice for every day.

Red Fabric

Set a stylish precedent with a high-quality fabric strap in vivid, bright red.

Yellow Fabric

A sunny yellow fabric strap will brighten up even the rainiest days!

Dark Green Fabric

A deep, forest green fabric strap with golden details instantly turns any simple look into an eye-catcher.

It's easy to assemble your Lanyard Phone Case

Combine the silicone Phone Case with the strap in 4 easy steps.

1. Guide the two leather flaps from the outside to the inside through the openings in the phone case.

2. Fold the flaps over and pull them back through to the outside.

3. Fasten the poppers and pull on the straps for a secure hold.

4. Put your smartphone in the case. Your lanyard phone case necklace is ready to use.

Design your Lanyard Phone Case with a treasured photo

Create an individual phone case to match your chosen strap colour

A Trendy Accessory with Practical Functionality

Always have your smartphone on hand and make a fashion statement at the same time! Our necklace case is an accessory that you can style in a number of ways, thanks to the large selection of braided leather or fabric straps you can choose from.